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Where’s George?


Guess who’s number one?  The competition was tough, the battle was fierce, but Charleston rose to the top as the winner of Condé Nast Traveler magazine’s Readers’ Choice Award as 2011’s Top City in the United States.

In appreciation of the folks at Condé Nast (and in recognition of their excellent taste) the Charleston Visitors Bureau (CVB) asked a select group of Charlestonians to participate in a short thank-you video for honoring Charleston with such a wonderful award.  Who was featured in their video but none other than our very own George McDaniel, Drayton Hall’s Executive Director.

The story doesn’t end there.

Now, stills from the CVB video will be decorating the sides of Charleston’s downtown trolley system throughout the holiday season.

Follow the George Trolley on Drayton Hall’s Facebook page, share your sightings, and post your photos as we track his travels throughout the city. Plus, you could win a special prize!

A special thanks to Condé Nast and their readers, to the Charleston Visitors Bureau, and to everyone who makes Charleston the one and only “Charlestonly.”

Posted by:

Courtney Bates, Development Coordinator