Private Events at Drayton Hall

Responsible stewardship of the house and the historic landscape is our highest priority. Private events are restricted at Drayton Hall due to the fragile nature of the building’s interior, its carrying capacity, and the impact on the historic landscape given the absence of an indoor event facility and on site catering facilities, as well as limited restroom facilities. However, occasional use of the property is allowed outside the course of normal operating hours and under the following conditions.



This policy is designed to guide in determining the appropriateness of all Private Event requests. We restrict the use of our property to Private Events that are directly related to Drayton Hall’s mission and/or that otherwise significantly contribute to Drayton Hall’s fundraising goals.
Private Events must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. A fundraising or cultivation event exclusively sponsored by Drayton Hall (or the National Trust.)
  2. An event generally unrelated to Drayton Hall’s mission, e.g. a corporate meeting or event, private party, wedding, etc., that contributes, through Drayton Hall’s required fees and contributions, to a Drayton Hall-specified fundraising purpose such as the general operating budget or a project directly related to the grounds, buildings, or collections.


The following are examples of prohibited Private Events:

  1. Fundraising events for political candidates or organizations.
  2. An event that exceeds 250 attendees or otherwise fails to meet the rules governing the use of Drayton Hall.


The above are to be used as guidelines.
Drayton Hall will review and consider Private Event requests
on a case-by-case basis.


How to contact us

Requests must be submitted at least six months in advance of the desired date and must be made in writing with specific details about the event. Please submit your request via email to our visitor services department for consideration: Response time varies, but we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Please include the following information in your request:

  • Contact name/information
  • Event type and description
  • Proposed event date and time
  • Estimated number of guests
  • Wedding Planner name/information
  • Any other pertinent information


Photo credit: Liz Banfield, 2010

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