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Weddings to Return to Drayton Hall in 2020

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You’re newly engaged (congratulations!) and you’re getting married!  The questions are starting to roll in.  Where will you tie the knot?  How many people will you invite?  What’s on the menu?  With so many options, it can feel overwhelming to choose.  You think back to memories on the South Carolina Beaches from your childhood and search for “wedding venues in Charleston, SC”.  Suddenly, you are reminded of ice-cold sweet tea, southern grand oak trees that seemingly touch the sky, and gorgeous historical landscapes ripe with early America’s secrets.  You decide that there is no other place to tie the knot than on a piece of Charleston property.  You want a location that touts southern charm, has iconic heritage, but also has an exclusive feel.

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Newly reemerging back into the world of Charleston weddings and accepting bookings beginning in spring of 2020, Drayton Hall offers its charm as Charleston’s newest and most exclusive wedding venue hosting only a handful of weddings a year.  As the oldest unrestored plantation home in America, now available for weddings, your guests will be among the first to experience a wedding on the grounds for the first time in 10 years.

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Drayton Hall offers immaculate sprawling green lawns with thousand-year-old grand oaks, reflecting ponds that foster a prolific ecosystem and nature preserve, iconic Architecture not found anywhere else in the United States, and a history so unabashedly American that you can’t help but be inspired by the lives that once tended these grounds.  Drayton Hall offers deeply rooted history and charm that is as meaningful and unforgettable as your wedding night.

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Discover Drayton Hall and its extraordinary beauty.  Drive the old dirt roads and as you descend the hill to gaze upon the magnificent Hall, imagine yourself transported to a time period that was much simpler and yet just as complex.  Immerse yourself in the culture of the grounds and get married on the most sought after and exclusive venue in the ever-charming Charleston, South Carolina.

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Do you wonder why a museum and sacred place like Drayton Hall allows weddings? We are always open to talk to you about events that occur here; but to put it in a few words, Drayton Hall is a critically important National Historic Landmark dating to 1738 and built in the Colonial American period. Weddings and events allow Drayton Hall Preservation Trust to continue to care for the house, estate, and museum, the history of which, and the ability to share that history, is critical to our collective future.