Drayton Hall has reopened and we want to thank you! Buy your tickets at the Drayton Hall Gate and receive 30% off adult house tour and grounds tickets until September 23, 2018. The adult ticket will be $22 rather than $32. Now is the time to visit the newly expanded Drayton Hall! This offer does not apply to online ticket sales, gate tickets only.


Visitor Center Preview in the Post and Courier

New Facilities, Press, Sally Reahard Visitor Center

We hosted the Post and Courier’s Robert Behre just prior to the grand opening of the Sally Reahard Visitor Center to share our new facilities expansion with their readers.

The story details the important additions to the visitor experience, our expanded interpretive capabilities and the collections on exhibit for the first time at Drayton Hall.

Photo by Brad Nettles/ Post and Courier









“Those visiting Drayton Hall, one of South Carolina’s premier plantation museums, should have a dramatically better experience today than a year ago.

And it’s not just because they will have an easier time parking, buying a souvenir or relaxing in a new garden. It’s because they can learn much more about the historic site and the first people who lived there…”

Read the rest of it here: Charleston’s Drayton Hall opens its new visitors center