Professionally Guided House Tour

Founded in 1738, Drayton Hall offers something unique in our modern world: authenticity. It’s the nation’s earliest example of fully executed Palladian architecture and the oldest preserved plantation house in America still open to the public. It’s the real thing. It can’t be recreated, reproduced, costumed, or staged. Any imperfections, oddities, or changes over time have been preserved that way—and they’ve become some of the very things that most fascinate and delight our visitors. Does your home have a false door leading nowhere? 18th-century graffiti? A family growth chart that dates back nearly three centuries? Ours does.

Acclaimed as an architectural masterpiece, what makes it truly great is its combination of the humble and the sublime surviving through the centuries. We think that means something. It is, we believe, the difference between a merely interesting tour and a very real and unforgettable encounter with history.



“Never before have I experienced such an amazing tour. This is the best day of my sightseeing career!”

—Jen G., Grantville, PA

“This tour added so much to our understanding of Charleston's history and its restoration efforts. Nothing gave us the impression of another time so well as Drayton Hall standing untouched by reconstruction on the banks of the Ashley River. Thank you for making our trip such a rich and rewarding experience.”

—Alice C., Fairfield, CT

Please note that Drayton Hall is closed for the five following holidays: New Year’s Eve and Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Eve and Day. We are also closed during the first week in February for our annual site maintenance.


Photo credit: Tony Sweet, the Withdrawing Room, April 2010

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