Drayton Hall will be closed Thursday, October 11 in anticipation of wide-spread flooding in our area.


Tricycling to Drayton Hall


Want to do something different and visit Drayton Hall in a unique way? Susan and Chuck Atkinson did. These Oregonians

The Atkinsons on their Tricycles in front of Drayton Hall.

cycled here on their recumbent tricycles. In fact, they not only came here, they’ve travelled across the South, flying from Oregon to Houston on Feb. 25, 2012,  and from there, cycling across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia, and just recently arriving in Charleston. At nights, they camp out or occasionally stay in motels, as they chose to do in Charleston. There they left their camping gear so they could more easily “tricycle” around the region.

Chuck and Susan really enjoyed their day at Drayton Hall- Chuck especially appreciated the fact that Drayton Hall is “non commercial” in the sense that it is preserved and not restored. They described the house tour and their guide as “very informative” and Susan added that she learned things about the history of the African-American community in the Lowcountry that she didn’t know before. They loved the view of the Ashley River, and after spotting the picnic tables thought that would be a great way to spend an afternoon.

From Charleston, they’ll tricycle to Kannapolis, NC to visit Susan’s brother, and from there, fly home. To date, they have very much enjoyed Southern hospitality and have many stories to tell!