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Thank You Friends, for your generosity and inspiration

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A big thanks to all of Drayton Hall’s Friends who helped to make our 2010 yearend appeal a record-breaking success.  We couldn’t have done it without you!!  In the past two months we have raised more than $39,000 – that is $9,000 above our $30,000 goal and an amazing $13,000 above what we raised last year.  These dollars will help fund Drayton Hall’s 2011 initiatives for:

  • A structural assessment of the main house to identify weaknesses and guide us in how we use the house for the over 55,000 people who visit every year;
  • Continued efforts to protect Drayton Hall’s aged live oaks from lightening and insect infestation;
  • Work to repair decades-old damage to the marshes across the river from Drayton Hall;
  • Research and training for the interpreters who bring Drayton Hall to life and who might just have inspired you to become a member in the first place.

Be sure to check out our website, Facebook , and future blogs because it’s going to be an exciting and productive year!

-Courtney Bates, Development Coordinator

What inspires me the most about Drayton Hall is…  As part of the yearend appeal we created two videos  asking Drayton Hall staff, volunteers, and Site Council to share what inspires them the most about Drayton Hall.  We then turned the question around and asked Friends shared their inspirational stories about Drayton Hall.  We have posted a number of wonderful responses on our Facebook page and below are a few recent responses:

“That it remained in the Drayton Family for so many years” -Barrow, IA

“I grew up in the South – Drayton Hall represents a period in history I love” -Craiglow-Clayton, FL

“My small contribution is helping to keep Drayton Hall restoration ongoing” -Forbes, AL

“How beautiful and well-preserved it is after all these years” -Humphrey, IN

“Empty, Drayton Hall speaks volumes”  -Grix and Israel, MI

“The architecture and beautiful landscape.  It’s a thrilling experience each time I visit”  -Morton, SC

“The fact of its continued existence, thanks to the caring and hard work of so many of the centuries” -Naguib, IL

“That it continues to be preserved in its original state while being able to fight off encroaching development”  -Waldron, OH

“The feeling that comes over me of the history and the wonderful unfolding of more to come” -Chapman, OH

“Historical significance” -Fee, IN

“Keeping it changeless amid so much change; preserving it for future generations”  -Negles, GA