Drayton Hall
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Purchases for Preservation

When you buy something from Drayton Hall's Museum Shop, you do more than make a purchase. You support the preservation of Drayton Hall.

That's because the proceeds from your purchase help fund our most critical projects—from preservation efforts and architectural research at the main house to the education programs that reach 12,000 students each year.

We know you can shop at any number of stores closer to your hometown or at bigger online retailers that can offer steeper discounts. We thank you for shopping here.

About the Drayton Hall Museum Shop - "The Best Stuff In Town!" - Museum Shop Visitor, Fall 2011

The Drayton Hall museum shop is housed inside one of the site's two surviving historic outbuildings. The wood-frame caretaker's house was built in the late 1800s and is representative of the types of houses in which many African-American families lived after the Civil War. Originally two rooms, the structure was later enlarged with a shed-roof addition at the rear. The partition that once divided the two rooms has long since been removed, but traces of the central brick fireplace can still be seen in the floor. In 1977, the house was moved from its original location between the main house and the privy to its current location, which is central to the site's amenities area.

Today, visitors to the museum shop have an opportunity to learn firsthand about the building's history and to find out even more about the history of Drayton Hall and the Lowcountry through the excellent selection of books, period-specific toys, regional foods, Drayton Hall-inspired merchandise, handcrafted treasures, personal luxuries, and much more.

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