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Major Projects on the Horizon for 2010

African American history, Preservation, Uncategorized

Posted by Courtney Bates, Development Coordinator

With 2010 around the corner Drayton Hall is busy getting prepared to tackle two big projects in the New Year.  First, we’ll be continuing our work at the 18th-century African-American cemetery so that we can honor those buried in this sacred place. The end result will involve moving the parking area across the main drive and installing a memorial arch and interpretive panel in the cemetery.  Second, we’ll be teaming up with a group of engineers to help answer how and why the portico is pulling away from the house so we can come up with a solution.  This is a project that will likely take a number of years, but is vital to preserving Drayton Hall for generations to come.  To learn more about these projects, and find out how you can help, view a short video featuring Carter Hudgins, director of preservation, and Craig Tuminaro, director of museum interpretation, as they take you behind-the-scenes to outline the problems at the portico and the changes to take place at the African-American cemetery.

Look for updates about our progress in our 2010 projects in future Interiors articles, here on our blog, and on our website.

To help support future projects at Drayton Hall, visit our website to become a member of the Friends of Drayton Hall.