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George McDaniel awarded the West Of paper’s “Westie” award!

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This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite restaurants in Charleston, Hometeam Barbeque, to attend the 1st annual Westie’s Awards presented by the West Of newspaper. The Westie’s Awards were given to a group of local movers and shakers who make West Ashley a great place to live and work. The awards were given to politicians, doctors, local activists, writers, and to our very own George McDaniel, the executive director of Drayton Hall. George was awarded “The Preservationist” award for his lifetime dedication to conserving and preserving the Ashley River Region, a historic gem located at the edge of West Ashley. The area encompasses historic plantations, churches, and the scenic Ashley River, and is one of the largest swathes of rural protected land in close proximity to the Charleston peninsula. I was happy to accept the award for George, and loved the comedy show that the West Of staff put on for the event. They had some good laughs at everyone’s expense and made up for all the jokes by providing a free barbeque buffet put out by the Hometeam kitchen. It was a great night to recognize some real West Ashley leaders, get the community together, and share some laughs and a meal.

Emily Pack
Ashley River Region Coordinator