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Residents of Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley Counties receive $3.50 admission and $10 house tours in January for Charleston's 350th anniversary!

Drayton Hall will be closed Feb 3-6, 2020.


How long does it take to get to Drayton Hall from downtown Charleston?

Drayton Hall is a short, 13-mile drive from downtown Charleston. Traffic can cause travel times to vary, so be sure to leave yourself extra time to get situated once you arrive—for ticket transaction, parking, restrooms, and to check-in at The Shop at Drayton Hall.  We recommend arriving a minimum of 25 minutes prior to your preferred tour start time.

What’s included with admission?

All-Inclusive admission includes a tour of the house, access to the Stephen and Laura Gates Gallery, the Caretaker’s House, the Lenhardt Garden, the interactive program Port to Plantation: Slavery and the Making of the Early Lowcountry Economy, a self-guided landscape walk, entrance to the 18th-century African-American cemetery, and access to The Shop at Drayton Hall.


How much time should we allot for our visit?

The amount of time spent on the property often depends on the visitor’s schedule. We recommend allowing a minimum of 40 minutes to enjoy the exhibit spaces, gardens, shop. The guided house tours, however, last about 50 minutes. Our Port to Plantation: Slavery and the Making of the Early Lowcountry Economy interpretive talk, offered four times daily, lasts 30 minutes. The self-guided landscape walk takes roughly 30 minutes, but you are welcome to spend as little or as long as your time allows.

How big are the tours?

Tour sizes vary, but sell out at 25 people per house tour. We limit tours both for the safety of the house and to make sure visitors have enough space enjoy and experience their guided tour.

Is there a place to buy food and drinks?

The Garden Café offers a variety of options from coffee & pastries to soups, sandwiches, & salads as well as handmade gelato.  The Shop at Drayton Hall has a curated selection of locally sourced treats for sale. Food, drinks and gum are prohibited in the main house and in the exhibit spaces.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing so that you can enjoy both the house tour and grounds; shirts and shoes must be worn at all times—we recommend wearing flat-soled shoes. Remember, Drayton Hall is unrestored and not modernized, so there is no heating or air-conditioning to regulate the indoor temperature in the main house. We encourage bringing insect repellent as well.

Is Drayton Hall handicap accessible?

Our exhibits, garden, museum shop and walking trails are handicap accessible; however wheelchairs, walkers and motorized scooters may have difficulty maneuvering on the unpaved paths. The guided house tour does require walking up the portico steps into the house. Personal wheelchairs and scooters are prohibited on house tours. Please feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns before your visit!

May I take pictures?

You are welcome to take photographs of the house—both inside and outside—and of the grounds and nature walks. Videos during the guided house tour and the Port to Plantation: Slavery and the Making of the Early Lowcountry Economy interpretive talk are prohibited. Please note that tripods are not allowed in the house and drones are not allowed on the property at any time without prior written permission. Contact 843-769-2600 to make special arrangements.

May I bring food or drinks on the house tours?

Because of Drayton Hall’s special unrestored state, we ask you to take special care. Please do not bring food, beverages, or gum inside the main house at any time. We do have picnic tables if you would like to eat on the grounds.

Is Drayton Hall family-friendly?

We welcome children of all ages to Drayton Hall—in fact, 5,000 students take part in our education programs each year. Please help us protect this American treasure for future generations by leaving your strollers outside of the main house and museum shop, and by keeping young visitors by your side during tours. Make sure to ask in our museum shop about the I Spy game for children to complete as they attend the guided house tour!

Can I bring my pet to Drayton Hall?

Well-behaved pets on leashes are welcome—in fact, pets especially like our self-guided nature walks. However, for the safety and comfort of other guests, visitors must keep their pets under control at all times and pick up after them. Please note that pets are not allowed inside the historic structures or modern buildings; this includes the main house, privy, caretaker’s house, and visitor center. The only exceptions to this rule are service dogs individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability.

Is smoking allowed at Drayton Hall?

No, Drayton Hall and the surrounding property is a smoke free and vape free site.

Are there any prohibited activities at Drayton Hall?

The following activities are prohibited at Drayton Hall:

-Bike riding
-Access to water
-Alcohol consumption
-Open flames

Is there a place to leave luggage during our visit?

Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to accommodate luggage or bags to be left while visiting the grounds.  Any luggage and/or bags must be carried with you throughout your visit.