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Drayton Hall Offers Interpretation & Education Positions


Every day really is exciting and different at Drayton Hall!” Sarah Ringering, historical interpreter and educator, tells us why she loves working at Drayton Hall.  If you are interested in joining our team, check out the job description and contact us!  Job Description – Guide/Educator 

“Whether leading an education program or a house tour, a guide here never knows who they are going to meet that day.  It is so fantastic to educate everyone I meet about Drayton Hall’s vibrant history! I love teaching those with an interest in history, as well as inspiring interest in those who had none when they arrived. I aspire for everyone I meet to leave the site with a positive experience at Drayton Hall.  

Education programs at Drayton Hall are fantastic. I have long wanted to be a teacher; the relaxed setting of Drayton Hall and the new set of faces for every program offer more flexibility different than that of a classroom—and we have so much fun!  Sure, it can be dirty work (as in muddy) at times, but to get a child interested in history or preservation makes everything worth it. They end up discovering an appreciation, or perhaps even a passion, that they never knew they had. It’s quite rewarding!

My fellow guides at Drayton Hall are spectacular. We work hard and have fun. Teamwork is essential for a smooth education program.  When everything comes together, it’s an amazing and effective way to educate. I feel proud to represent Drayton Hall and encourage all y’all who have a passion for history, children, and teaching to become an interpreter/educator. We’re hiring!”

Sarah Ringering


Charleston Southern Class of 2009