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Drayton Hall will be closed Feb 3-6, 2020.


Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation lends support to Wexler Curatorial Fellowship at Drayton Hall

African American history, Archaeology

Donnelly foundation supprt Drayton HAll


We are very pleased and thankful today to announce that the Wexler Curatorial Fellowship in Archaeology at Drayton Hall has been joined in support by the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, helping us to continue the work of Corey Heyward, our current Wexler Curatorial Fellow.

Since joining Drayton Hall, Corey has logged more than 40,000 artifacts from 40 years of archaeological excavations at Drayton Hall and contributed to discoveries on General Cornwallis’ time here as well as in Colonoware, a ceramics craft of Native American and enslaved African peoples among others..

We are very grateful for the continuing support of the Wexler Family and the new support of the Donnelley Foundation. To learn more about the Donnelley Foundation click here.