The Society of 1738

As philanthropic leaders at Drayton Hall, Society of 1738 donors are honored as true insiders and are stewarded with a high level of access to the site, its programs and collections, and professional staff. Major gifts may be unrestricted—supporting the greatest need at Drayton Hall—or restricted to support a project of special interest. All donors at the Society of 1738 level are stewarded as Benefactors in the Friends of Drayton Hall.

  • $2,500Gardener

    • Be it Exeter, an enslaved man who tended to the exotic plants in Charles Drayton’s garden during the 18th century, or Richmond Bowens (1908–1998), a descendant of the enslaved at Drayton Hall who planted and pruned azaleas and camellias in the 20th century, there is a rich horticultural tradition at Drayton Hall which demands our guests’ attention. Your leadership at this level will help us interpret this historic landscape as part of the Drayton Hall experience.
  • $5,000Surveyor

    • Working as a land surveyor, James Shoolbred Drayton (1820–1867) determined the value of property for the state of South Carolina in the 1840s. Architectural historians have surveyed and noted Drayton Hall’s “state of survival and the purity of its condition” as unique and worthy of preservation. Your leadership at this level will help us share the special value associated with Drayton Hall with over 60,000 visitors each year.
  • $10,000Councilor

    • Appointed on August 22, 1754, John Drayton (1715–1779) served on His Majesty’s Privy Council, South Carolina, until 1775. During those years of service, he aided in the “betterment of society in South Carolina.” Your leadership at this level will also aid in the betterment of society—by supporting our mission to preserve and interpret Drayton Hall.
  • $20,000Commissioner

    • Charles Drayton (1743–1820) was elected to serve St. Andrew’s Parish as Commissioner of Roads, a civic position for the management and repair of the parish roadways, on April 12, 1784. Your leadership at this level ensures our devoted staff remains focused on the road ahead and the ongoing preservation of this icon of American architecture.

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Steve Mount
Director of Philanthropy
843-769-2601 or by e-mail.

Photo credit: Willie Graham, Detail of Withdrawing Room Mantle, October 2014

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