The Charlotta D. Drayton Legacy Society

Charlotta Drayton (1884–1969) is remembered as an early preservationist who made the critical decision to never modernize the main house with lights, air conditioning, or other comforts because she understood the value of authenticity and recognized how rare it was even in her lifetime. In fact, she expressed the importance of continuing the preservation of the site in her estate plans.

Charlotta Drayton’s last will and testament, dated February 16, 1968, recorded her desire for her nephews to “preserve the building known as Drayton Hall for future generations.” Charles Henry Drayton, III, and Francis Beatty Drayton honored their aunt’s wishes and determined that the National Trust for Historic Preservation would offer the oversight necessary to ensure that their ancestral home would be enjoyed by all. Because of her legacy, Drayton Hall survives in its nearly original state today. How extraordinary!

We hope that you will consider including the Drayton Hall Preservation Trust in your estate plans and sharing your plans when finalized. As a member of The Charlotta D. Drayton Legacy Society you are establishing a lasting personal legacy while ensuring access to Drayton Hall for future generations.


"Preserve the building known as
Drayton Hall for future generations.”

—Charlotta D. Drayton,
Last Will & Testament, February 16, 1968

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Photo credit: Taylor Stewart, Detail of Great Hall Ceiling Medallion, November 2008

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