Conservation on the Ashley: Rosebrock Park

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The cultural landscape of the Draytons wasn’t just the site itself, but consisted of the plantations up and down the Ashley River and Ashley River Road. Today, as a visitor to Drayton Hall, your experience of this historic site begins with what you see along the way. Imagine if you were met with the sights and sounds of suburban sprawl overtaking this historic plantation district?  In what way would your personal encounter with Lowcountry heritage be altered? That is why, as commercial development expands ever closer, we remain committed to community engagement in order to preserve our environs, the Ashley River Region.

Rosebrock Park stands as an illustration of Drayton Hall’s work in fulfilling our mission of preserving and interpreting “Drayton Hall and its environs,” work that supporters of Drayton Hall make possible. We hope you will enjoy this current article about Rosebrock Park in South Carolina Wildlife (a publication of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources). Author Rosanne McDowell recounts the persistence of local citizens that eventually led to the park’s establishment, and she brings light to the particular assets of the park, from its location on the Ashley River to the old hardwoods of the Live Oak trail. If Drayton Hall had not stepped forward on behalf of Rosebrock Park and collaborated with the Department of Natural Resources and other allies, its wetlands and forests would now be paved over and consist of subdivisions or commercial developments. Thanks to your support, we were able to turn its fate. Read the full story: SC Wildlife Nov-Dec 2013