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Connoisseur Tour for Couples and Small Groups

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A life-size cut-out of the recently restored 18th-century clothespress (part of the Drayton Hall collection) will be on display. Photo courtesy of Focal Fox Photography.

Give the gift of history with a private tour of Drayton Hall! This exclusive private tour makes a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special.

Led by a senior interpreter, the Connoisseur Tour provides an up-close viewing of an 18th-century masterpiece, Drayton Hall. This private, one-hour tour can be tailored to meet specific interests including architecture, decorative arts, African American history and more.

A leisurely pace provides couples with the time and flexibility to freely ask questions, photograph and immerse themselves in three centuries of America’s heritage. Rare family photos, historical sketches, furniture cut-outs and pre-Civil War documents add to this memorable experience.

For reservations, contact Debbi Zimmerman at or 843-769-2630 during regular business hours.