Colonial Games!

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Today, camper-historians learned about the activities of children in the past.


They were interested to learn that children of today enjoy some of the same activities as children during colonial times such as, jump rope, tug-of-war (then known as crick-crack-croc), and playing with dolls.  Although children of the colonial past didn’t have video games, they had tons of fun with cup-and-ball and running with hoops.  Campers spent the day engaging in all of these activities!  They even made their own dolls, created designs on looms, and made beeswax candles like those by which children read in the past.

beeswax candles

Ms. Leslie and Ms. Amber led our young Drayton historians on a house tour in preparation for the tour they will lead Friday.  Friends and family get excited to learn about the Drayton historic site!

ball and cup