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During the middle of the 18th century, furniture ornamented with brass, tortoiseshell, and exotic wood inlays was of the highest fashion in Europe and especially London, England. Influenced by the…

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Drayton Hall has served as a place of learning for the young and old, student and professional for the last 37 years.  Consistently uncovering new details and disproving historical misconceptions,…

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Throughout the 18th century, John Drayton amassed his fortunes through the cultivation of various crops, including the growing and processing of indigo for use in the creation of a deep…

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During the 18th century, wax seals were frequently used in the Lowcountry to close, mark, and authenticate important documents such as legal records. In practice, a small portion of melted…

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Read below for an interesting article on the ongoing mystery of the Drayton Hall colonnade by Post and Courier writer Robert Behre…… Drayton’s colonnade still poses much mystery By Robert…

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The projecting double porch on the west facade of Drayton Hall, where construction began about 1738, resembles a similar feature at Villa Cornaro, a country villa near Venice, Italy, designed…

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