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Drayton Hall will not offer house tours on Feb. 27, 2020; Grounds & Galleries Passes will still be available on this date.


As the nonprofit organization tasked with stewardship, research and interpretation of this irreplaceable site, Drayton Hall Preservation Trust holds a significant responsibility. We are the intermediaries between artifact and student, estate and visitor, past and present.

For more than 250 years, Drayton Hall has stood witness to the American South. Among the best and most complete examples of Southern colonial life open to the public today, the property holds a vital educational responsibility. It is also an active archaeological site with an extensive museum collection of rare 18th- and 19th-century objects and artifacts.


Drayton Hall Preservation Trust fosters a deeper understanding of colonial America and the evolution of life in the South by discovering, researching, conserving, and interpreting the history, context, and culture of Drayton Hall.

The Drayton Hall Preservation Trust is a privately funded nonprofit organization responsible for the operation and administration of Drayton Hall, a National Trust for Historic Preservation site.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation protects significant places representing our diverse cultural experience by taking direct action and inspiring broad public support. For more information on the mission and sites of the National Trust, visit


Chair Richard Almeida
Vice Chair Marilynn Wood Hill
Vice Chair W. Hampton Morris
Treasurer H. Montague (Monty) Osteen Jr.
Secretary Thomas W. (Woody) Rash Jr.
Nathan (Nate) Berry
Mary (MeMe) Black
William B. (Bill) Bodine
Catherine Brown Braxton
Frank W. Brumley
John T. Cahill
Amelia (Mimi) Cathcart
Matthew Cochrane-Logan
P. Steven (Steve) Dopp
Frank B. Drayton Jr.
Betsy Halstead
John B. Hildreth
Benjamin P. (Ben) Jenkins III
Rise Johnson
Cynthia (Cynnie) Kellogg
Kristopher B. King
Douglas B. (Doug) Lee
Benjamin F. (Ben) Lenhardt Jr.
Fulton D. (Tony) Lewis Jr.
Margaret Beck Pritchard
Henry B. Smythe Jr.
Anthony C. (Tony) Wood

Michael B. Prevost, Trustee Emeritus

To contact the Staff of the Drayton Hall Preservation Trust, please click on the names below or call our main number at (843) 769-2600 during regular business hours and an operator will direct your call.


Carter C. Hudgins, Ph.D.


Pamela Brown


Paula Marion

FINANCE associate

Michelle Johanek


Open Position, Director of Philanthropy
Caroline Schultz, Advancement Manager
Lela Gee-Boswell, Advancement Manager


Sarah Stroud Clarke

Amber Satterthwaite,  Curator of Education and Museum Programs

Stephanie Demkowski, Guest Services & Volunteer Coordinator
Amanda FelderGuest Services Coordinator
Patricia Jack, Guest Services Coordinator

Historical Interpreters:  Zachary Ford, Rosemary Giesy, Bev Hildreth, Nicole Houck,  Lauren Ketelhut, Mary Jo Lautier,  Betsy McAmis, Diane Miller, Veronica Pieretti, Patricia Ploehn, Brandon Stone, Shanon Stroer, Connie Yaccarino, Jordan Yale


Sarah Stroud Clarke, Director of Museum Affairs, Acting Archaeologist and Curator of Collections
Patricia Lowe Smith, Curator of Historic Architectural Resources
Eric Becker, Manager of Landscapes, Horticulture, and Modern Facilities
Cameron Moon, Assistant Curator of Historic Architectural Resources
Corey Heyward, Wexler Curatorial Fellow
Raymond Nesmith, Landscape and Horticulture Technician
Tom Eline, Landscape and Horticulture Technician


Kate Ludwig, Director of Retail and Admissions

Catherine Coughlin, Communications & Marketing Manager

Emily David, Event Coordinator

Guest Services Associates: Caroline Cannon, Christine Cline, Kyra Frew, Fran Hummel, Leslie Lewis, Ellyn Frisch Morgan, Lynn Morton-Epps


Judy Canonico, Susan Cohen, Charlotte and Bill Collier,  Christine Cronin, Deborah Dammer, Leilani DeMuth, Margaret Harris, Rob Hoak, Maryjane and Tony Islan, Robert A. Johnson, Elanie and Steve Knapp, Paula Knecht, Toula Latto, Colana Mathis, Gail Morrill, Frank Osusky, Roxanna Petrus, Ian and Judi Purches, Chris Rosendall, Marlene and Joe Rotter, Bonnie Sykes, Josephine Tapia, Sherry Timko, Brandy and James Vallance, Gary Wiessner, Norm and Lynn Wheeler, Rita Wilkie, Phoebe Willis, Joan and Stan Younce, Carol Wood, Matt and Diane Zender

To contact the Staff of the Drayton Hall Preservation Trust, please call our main number at (843) 769-2600 during regular business hours and an operator will direct your call.